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Oklahoma State University

Recent Events

2015 National Conference

The National AICHE conference of 2015 was held in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


2014 Mid-America Regional Conference

The 2014 Mid-America Regional Conference was held on April 11th at Iowa University. Three teams from Oklahoma State University participated in the Chem-E-Car Competition. The Slow Pokes placed third in the car competition by bringing their car 1.51 meters away from the designated line and Team Dang placed in fifth out of twelve teams. The Slow Pokes also placed second in the poster competition. Besides the Chem-E-Car competition, members watched research presentations and Chem-E Jeporady. The conference finished with the regional banquet. The Slow Pokes will now get to compete at the AIChE Nationals Conference in Atlanta, Georgia which will take place in Fall 2014, stay tuned for more informaiton if you are interested in attending. 



2014 OSU Chem-E-Car Competition

The 2014 OSU Chem-E-Car Competition was held on March 4th in the Noble Research Competition. Seven teams out of the junior OSU chemical engineering class competed. The Slow Pokes (in the picture below) placed first by getting their car within 2.33ft of the specified distance. Team Dang placed second at 5.15ft and Shake'n Bake came in third at 19.4 ft. Thank you CheveronPhillips for sponsoring the Competition.


2014 National Chem-E-Car Competition

This previous years AIChE national student convention was held in Atlanta, GA. The Slow Pokes placed 11th out of 33 teams. There were 14 students who represented OSU at the convention. In their spare time, everyone went exploring the city of San Fransisco by going to the Fisherman's Wharf, riding the trollies, and visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. 

2013 Halloween Party

The Activities Coordinator put together an AIChE Halloween party which included pumpkin carving, a costume costumest, and a mummy wrap competition. 

2013-2014 Welcome Back Picnic

Every year AIChE hosts a welcome back picnic to kick off the academic school year. This year many professors and student attended the picnic where they enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs, played soccer, and relaxed under Boomer Lake's pavilion.